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About Author: Karl

I am the founder and sole contributor of Adventure How-To. If you want to become a travel writer feel free to contact me here.

During daytime I develop apps and during nighttime I can be found wining and dining on the streets of Bangkok.

I L.O.V.E. travelling and have always preferred to travel my own way. My mantra is to stay as far away as possible from tourist services and experience life the real and local way. My journey has taken me across Europe, North America, a tiny bit of North Africa and currently all over Asia. Sometimes I stay for six years to get a bachelor's degree in business. Sometimes I stay for 6 months to enjoy cheap housing and nice weather.

My single most intense travel experience: going to India completely unprepared.
My favorite city in the world: Singapore
My motherland: Sweden

I don't have money... but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career as world traveler. Skills that make me a good resource for people like you. Of course I am paraphrasing the movie Taken jokingly. I thought it would be neat. But to get to the point, the purpose of Adventure How-To is to disperse the kind of travel advice you don't find anywhere else. Whatever is written here has already happened. Many hardships were suffered to find the truth. The benefit for you is a peek into and unknown world you might be visiting soon and arriving more prepared.

Enjoy the site and happy traveling :)

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